Success Story – KAIZEN Handover of Fortunato

Fortunato is a new, 326-unit development comprised of residential apartments and townhouses in Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai. KAIZEN was appointed in 2015 to manage the administration and handover of the project from the developer to the owners.

The Process

The first step for KAIZEN was the implementation of the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to facilitate successful and hassle-free handover to the owners. In the first stage, notices were sent to all the owners outlining the guidelines and requirements for the handover. KAIZEN’s goal was to ensure a quick and straightforward process for the owners in which all processes and documentation adhered to governmental rules and regulations whilst also meeting the developer’s requirements.

Kaizen requested that the documents required for handover were provided two weeks in advance. The handover appointments were scheduled to take place in the office in Bay Square, Business Bay. (This has ample parking and was convenient for all parties.)

A dedicated customer service number was created so that owners could contact KAIZEN directly with any questions or concerns throughout the handover process. KAIZEN also implemented a payment-notification system that was sent to the owners every two days with the list of receivables. This allowed owners to see the status of payments made to the developer.

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges was contacting the owners as this could delay procedures. KAIZEN successfully implemented a system to find the owners using different social networking websites. They also approached the banks to obtain contact information for owners who had mortgages.

The Outcome

During a period of less than two months, 199 units were successfully handed over. KAIZEN’s ongoing communication, ease of access and provision of additional information proved to be very helpful to the community. Examples of this included: information packs allowing owners to see an itemized list of fees, complete move-in process details, obtaining DEWA connection, snag report, and making available point-of-contact detail for any follow-up needs. The call center number also provided an added layer of support and comfort for owners contributing to the overall success of the process.


As a UAE-based company, KAIZEN has years of experience working with local authorities and a strong understanding of the laws and regulations. In addition, KAIZEN has the expertise and experience to anticipate the needs and requirements of developers and owners to ensure smooth handover processes in the fastest possible time.


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What is Volumetric Subdivision?

Volumetric Subdivision (VSD) is a hot topic in UAE for Owners Association Management companies. After the introduction of Dubai Strata Law or Jointly Owned Property Law in 2008, VSD has become important for property owners to fairly distribute the common elements of mixed use development and the related service charges.

Volumetric Subdivision is a division of building and the land where it is situated. The purpose of subdivision of a building is to define each element separately such as units and common areas. Units can be commercial offices, residential apartments or retails shops. Common areas include everything that is not part of the units, for example elevators, stairways, lobby, swimming pool, gymnasium, roof, garden, parking and any other commonly used elements.

Why Volumetric Subdivision is Needed?

The need for VSD arises when there are multiple owners of units within a mixed used developments and the cost of each common element like stairways, lobby, parking, facade, swimming pool or any other common area is shared amongst the owners under a contract called “ Building Management Statement “. VSD helps in segregating the costs associated with common areas because service fee or maintenance charges may be different for commercial, residential and retail units.  

It is no surprise that there are frequent disputes between Owners related to service charges.  For example, in a development comprised of commercial and residential units,  a concern may arise from a retail unit owner that feels he should not be required to pay for service charges related to swimming pool, gym, or an elevator which is used solely for residential owners. VSD is an ideal solution for this because it allows the share of common areas to be divided in a more accurate manner and the cost to be distributed more fairly.

What is a Building Management Statement?

When there are multiple uses within the same building, it is useful to create a Building Management Statement. The best practice is to annex the Building Management Statement to JOPD (Jointly Owned Property Declaration).  Building Management Statement is a contract between commercial and residential units defining common elements in the building. There is usually a contract in place for each unit of the subdivided building relating to its management and use (building management statement). There will be two sub-owner associations, one for commercial and one for residential that comes under one main owners association that has board members from each of the sub-owners association . Each of the owner association works independently under the development JOPD and Building Management statement. The complete process is known as VSD.

Dubai Land Department has defined directions for JOPD, which lists all the legal procedures to follow for jointly owned properties.

KAIZEN Offers Volumetric Subdivision as Part of OA Management Service

VSD is one of the unique services that we offer as part of our owners association management to resolve common disputes arising due to service charges.

For more information on Owners Association Service Please Contact our Business Development Manager George Malakos at 00971 55 872 1069