Construction and Handover

Phase 6 – Construction Stage

  • Frequently conduct site visits in accordance with site progress
  • Report on the progress and verify works against the milestones
  • Liaise with the contractor and other relevant parties with regards to reviewing and approving samples with the Client
  • Monitor requests for information from contractors and responses from consultants team
  • Maintain complete and updated project files, drawing and specification
  • Monitor implementation of HSE measures by all parties involved
  • Monitor and inspect Main Contractor’s insurance documents
  • Identify and report project risks as necessary
  • Review change notices and forward independent estimates to the Client
  • Maintain detailed log of changes
  • Review regulations to identify and monitor permits, licenses and approvals
  • Monitor payment eligibility of Main Contractor’s invoices
  • Assist in the resolution of disputes between consultant and contractor, if any arise
  • Arrange and maintain records of changes and anticipated changes to the project
  • Review monthly reports including budget and scheduling information
  • Review and advice on payment requests of vendors’ invoices
  • Assist in the resolution of disputes and issues
  • Review progress reports issued by all parties involved
  • Monitor and report on any revisions to project schedules

Achieving the planned schedules are the most important aspects of our work during construction!

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