Phase 5 – Main Contractor’s Tender

  • Review tender documents prepared by the consultant and quantity surveyor
  • Provide input on the tender schedule and tender packages
  • Set criteria to prequalify contractors. The basis of the criteria includes mobilization time, delivery of similar projects in the last 3 years, quality of works delivered and overall reputation. A brief due diligence will be conducted at Dubai Municipality and the necessary authorities to verify whether any disputes against the contractor exist, and the nature of such disputes.
  • Attend tender briefings
  • Review packages and advise on any packages that are required to be re-tendered.
  • Review bids submitted along with the consultant and review the report and recommendation of the consultant
  • Agree on milestones and project schedule with the Main Contractor
  • Liaise contract negotiations with the lawyer appointed by the Client.
  • Prepare the contract for signatures.
  • Issue Letter of Award to the winning party

Just like real estate is all about location, location, location! One of the most important aspects of choosing the right contractor is timing, timing, timing!

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