Marketing & Leasing

Six months before planned building(s) completion, the leasing team will begin marketing the building(s) and approaching potential tenants to initiate interest

This includes:

  • Preparing a letting brochure, leasing particulars and other promotional materials for circulation to likely interested parties, arranging such advertising as may be appropriate, and liaising with advertising or public relations companies as may be required. The pre approved costs of such letting brochure will be borne by the Client provided that the Client gave his prior written approval on the final draft of the letting brochure, and all other promotional and advertising material as mentioned above.
  • Formulate a Marketing Plan – to include on-line and traditional methods of marketing:
    • Arrange professional photography of the property for use in marketing collateral.
    • Provide a professional video of approximately three minutes for use in marketing collateral.
    • Design and launch a website for the development.
    • List available units as on at least 20 real estate portals.
    • Launch a digital advertising campaign on search engines and social media.
  • Handling all inquires, showing prospective tenants the Project and leasable areas, negotiating lease terms, attending to the preparation and submitting the leases to the Client for signature and accepting payment of Rent on the Client’s behalf, it being specified that all cheques and payments shall be made in the name of the Client.

Marketing a property is not just listing and advertising it. Your potential tenants should have an impressive experience from the moment they become aware about your development to the point they move in to the property, and all the steps that come in between!

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