Other Services

Kaizen shall also be responsible for the following matters and report to the Client as required:

• If required, Kaizen will investigate and recommend insurance coverage for the Project to the Client.

• Arrange for the tendering of third party contracts entered into for the Project as often as may be required and instructed by the Client. Such contracts include, but are not limited to, air conditioning and lift maintenance, security, cleaning, insurance, etc.

• If necessary Kaizen shall reasonably ensure that maintenance companies employed at the Project take the necessary precautions and measures to remedy and identify any defects in the Project.

• Kaizen are to at all times endeavour to maximize the Projects income and minimize expenses in such a manner as to not affect the efficiency of the Project.

• Where possible Kaizen will always propose to the Client ways to improve on the efficiency and profitability of the development.

The Kaizen team has over the years proved their success in improving the value of properties by implementing a macro level approach while paying attention to details.

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