Owners Association Management

Owners Association Management Service

KAIZEN has the knowledge, procedures and practices in place to provide a streamlined Owners Association Management service to various types of boards, including residential and commercial.

The management of a jointly owned property comes with a host of challenges not associated with a singularly owned property. KAIZEN understands it takes a special blend of skills to facilitate and advise the board to make informed decisions. Whether it is appointing a service provider, issuing instructions and policies on matters related to the Jointly Owned Property Law, we are able to provide full guidance and support.

The owners association services KAIZEN provides include:   

    • Advisory on financials including budget setup
    • Property Management
    • Administrative management
    • Consultancy

KAIZEN brings its experienced management skills to meet both individual owners and their community’s needs through our Owners Association Management.

KAIZEN aims to empower owners to fully control the running of their development; including how and where service charge funds are spent. This means owners will collectively have control of their affairs and in most instances be able to save considerable sums on repairs, maintenance, management fees, insurance premiums and other such service charge items.

Our priority is to also help improve the marketability and value of the property as well as the general living conditions. We accomplish this by giving the owners control of the management strategy while providing the necessary guidance with our experience and in-depth knowledge of relevant legislation. Kaizen provides support through all phases of the OA process and more, including:

    • Establishing an action plan and bringing owners together
    • Acting as Company Secretary or Director where necessary, in compliance with company law.
    • Serving the required Notice Of Invitation to Participate to all qualifying owners.
    • Issuing the Claim Notice upon the Landlord and other relevant parties

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