Project Leasing

Specialist Project Leasing requires a lot more of a structured and well-planned approach rather than simply listing on portals or with agencies.  KAIZEN Asset Management Services experience with providing Project Leasing encompasses a wide range of services to ensure that our client’s properties always maintain a high occupancy rate but just as importantly, our targeted marketing and knowledge help to make sure there is the right tenant mix.

In order to provide and maintain the most comprehensive Project Leasing package, we offer the following services:   

  • Dedicated Leasing TeamThis carefully selected team of experienced leasing agents are given thorough training in product knowledge and are selected through an understanding of the Project and by matching the skills of our agents with this project understanding.
  • Market Research, Strategy and MarketingKAIZEN AMS will carry out in depth market research to ascertain the current levels of demand as well as the latest rental figures; this helps us to compile a detailed strategy along with a bespoke marketing plan.  Our Marketing team analyse the Project and market research to find the most effective Marketing Plan for any given project; these include open houses, social media campaigns, targeted marketing to particular clientele along with more traditional online and printed advertising.
  • Negotiations and LeasingIn accordance with the pre defined strategy, KAIZEN AMS will conduct negotiations with prospective tenants in a professional manner and with an uncompromising duty of care.  Every step of the leasing process is conducted with full transparency, from the negotiations through to signing of the contract; our experts explain each process and take care to clarify each clause in the rental agreement.
  • Financial, Documentation and ReportingKAIZEN Asset Management understands that Project Leasing doesn’t end once a unit is leased and just as much emphasis is given towards making sure the Landlord and Tenant are informed of any changes or updates.  We conduct regular meetings with our Clients to provide them with progress reports along with updates on financial and income information.
  • KAIZEN AMS is ISO 9001:2008 certified – which ensures that we are aligned with the latest in quality control guidance so that all of the documentation we gather is collated in the most efficient manner.
  • ConsultancyAs part of our comprehensive services for Project Leasing we offer our clients consultancy services such as:
    • Representing Landlord in the supervision of tenant fit out
    • Liaising between Landlord and statutory authorities (if required)
    • Property Management Service in line with KAIZEN AMS’s Property Management team

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