Property Management

Property Management Services

Importance of Property Management

KAIZEN aims to take the hassle away from the owner by insuring our services encompasses all aspects of running a profitable property.

Many Property Management companies in the region are quick to provide a one-size-fits-all approach to their clients. At KAIZEN, we believe that the first, and most important step in the property Management process is listening and understanding our clients challenges and goals. It is with this knowledge that we then tailor our experienced management system to best suit our clients.

The Property Management services KAIZEN provides include:  

  • Marketing and leasing
  • Tenant relation management
  • Document control
  • Corporate social responsibility campaigns
  • Health and safety services
  • Reporting
  • Financial and budget control
  • Management of the facilities

Property Management Services  

  • To invoice, collect, receive and account to the Client for the rents, deposits, any arrears of rent, service charges, contingency and future expenditure fund contributions, and any other payments due from tenants of the Project.
  • To attend, inspect and document the handing over of each rented unit to or from a tenant in its presence.
  • Take the necessary action(s) in the event of a breach of an executed tenancy agreement by a tenant.
  • As instructed by the Owner in writing, take all reasonably necessary measures or actions against a tenant or any third party in the event(s) of a cheque returned unpaid (bounced cheque), failure to vacate a unit, damage by the tenant or a third Party to the units, and/or any other breach of an executed tenancy agreement.
  • To carry out regular inspections of the Project and the units in order to verify that they are well maintained by the tenants, in good condition, operation and in compliance with health and safety requirements.
  • To maintain all necessary records.
  • To use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that rental renewals are agreed and documented before the due dates.
  • To inspect, without the use of equipment, such of the common areas of the Project as can be inspected safely and without undue difficulty, to ascertain for the purpose of day-to-day management only its general condition of the common areas and advise the Client of all major maintenance, repairs and decoration that may be required to maintain the Project in a good state of repair and condition.
  • To arrange and negotiate with suitable contractors for the maintenance of the Project. Such contracts must all receive the prior written approval of the Client. In this context maintenance is understood to include the maintenance and repair of lifts, electrical, plumbing, drainage, and air conditioning installations, fire alarms and firefighting equipment, stand-by generators, landscaping and all other services in the Project buildings and the cleaning of the common areas, stairways and corridors, entrances, external glass, mechanical floors and the immediate surroundings of the Project.
  • To administer third party contracts and check demands for payment for goods, services, plant and equipment supplied for the benefit of the Project, including water, electricity, maintenance contract expenditure and any other costs and expenses incurred by the Client.

A well-managed property is the cornerstone behind attracting the right tenants, and more importantly, retaining quality tenants!

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