Kaizen will issue one monthly and one quarterly report detailing the following activities:

• Marketing activities undertaken in the previous month and those proposed for the next period;

• Occupancy levels, current tenant interest, waiting lists, and offers issued

• Rent arrears and actions recommended for recovery, Leasing renewals and new leases

• Lease renewals due and recommendations for revised leasing terms

• Contractor performance and comments where appropriate

• Summary of maintenance work orders

• Tenant fit-out progress as appropriate

• Revenue projection for all sources of income from the Development in the format and including such information as requested by the Client

• Preparation of projected occupancy analysis

• Preparation of monthly budgeted vs actual occupancy analysis report

• Preparation of a report showing various maintenance calls received and their status, the various feedbacks received from various tenants and Kaizen comments and advice to the Clients in these maters.

• All other matters considered relevant. Maintain online live data management system providing up to date listing, lease contracts and tenant details. The Client will have access to the data management system.

You will receive one monthly and one quarterly report that will allow you to monitor the progress of all matters pertaining to the property.

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