District 2020: The Future of Expo Site Post-completion of the Grand Event

Hosting Expo 2020 was not a cakewalk for Dubai. Billions of dollars have been spent in building the infrastructure and thousands of workers have worked tirelessly to make this grand event a reality. If we look at the past, we will find that most of the expo sites across the globe were turned into entertainment venues or exhibition spaces once the event was over. However, that is not the case with Dubai Expo 2020. 

The UAE government doesn’t want Expo infrastructure for one-time use but to keep everything permanent. It wants to convert the Expo site into a place that can host other major Expo’s in the future and can cater to the rising demand of corporates, tech. firms, & the entertainment sector for the city’s expansion. The organizers are working on retaining 80-85% of the infrastructure developed for Expo 2020 to construct the next-generation smart city – District 2020.  

District 2020: Aim

District 2020 is aimed to create a sustainable way of living through smart infrastructure. It will be built from the infrastructure developed for Expo 2020 and reshaping it into high-tech, environment-friendly, and sustainable urban community living. The transformation plan of the Expo site also includes – developing green areas, residential areas, smart mobility, and coworking spots. 

Joining Hands with the Tech. Leaders for Seamless Functioning:

District 2020 is joining hands with the worlds’ best technology companies and entities to empower the community with emerging technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain, 5G, Cloud, Big Data, Robotics, etc. for faster, and seamless functioning of the businesses and residential living. Some of the anchor tenants of District 2020 include – Terminus Group, DP World, and Siemens.

The partnership of the real estate firms based in the Dubai South area with these technology giants will lead to the development of advanced PropTech platforms which will ensure the property is well maintained every time and resident’s experience remains at the pinnacle. The technology will make the living experience better and will make communication swift and transparent with the help of advanced and innovative digital channels for better living. 

The partnership will also lead to technology transfer and will minimize the operating costs at the buildings and optimize their efficiency to create an ultimate value of money for residents, developers, property management firms, and all the associated stakeholders.


Scale2Dubai is a unique programme designed to foster the growth of the businesses in District 2020 with special emphasis on Startups. It is a global entrepreneur’s programme which provides an opportunity to successful startups, and small-scale businesses from across the globe to expand and scale their business in Dubai. Scale2Dubai also has a provision to offer a soft landing to the entrepreneurs to start & establish their business in District 2020. 

Which Industries are Eligible?

Scale2Dubai programme prioritizes those industries which align with District 2020’s ecosystem. These industries include – real estate & construction, logistics & transport, travel & tourism, and education. 

Priority will also be given to the companies which are in the business of technologies which is very crucial for the growth of District 2020.

Benefits offered:

The firms selected for the Scale2Dubai programme will be offered a list of benefits. These include – two years visa, business set up, two years of free workspace, community lifestyle, access to special rates for service providers, two years of subsidized urban living, and a chance to participate in various high-profile social & networking events.

‘District 2020’: When Will the Construction Begin?

The construction of District 2020 will start just after the completion of Expo 2020 on March 31 of 2022. It will be a smart city of its kind with the presence of several landmarks. The District 2020 area will emerge out of the Expo site which spans over 2.5 kilometers. 

How long will it take to Transform Expo Site to District 2020? 

The question for which everyone wants to know the answer is – how long will it take to Transform Expo Site to District 2020? The answer is within less than a year after the completion of the Expo.

In an interview with The National News, Mr. Ahmed Al Khatib, Chief Development and Delivery Officer for the Expo stated, “we will start handover of some of the permanent Expo 2020 builds immediately. Our buildings are built for the Expo and [thereafter] as its legacy. It will take about 4 to 6 months for the actual opening of the first phase. Within a maximum of 1 year, the entire city – District 2020 Phase 1 – will be available.” He further said, “we are putting together the strategy of how to phase in the other buildings,”.

The Impact of District 2020 on Kaizen AMS:

District 2020 is indeed a glad tiding for property management firms like Kaizen AMS – the top 3  property management firms in Dubai.  The initiative will lead to an increase in the number of companies and residential properties in the Dubai South area which will create robust demand for the services offered by the Kaizen AMS such as – owner’s association management, community management, property management, lease management, handover services, and investment advisory, etc. District 2020 will also improve our capabilities to onboard new clients to our vast clientele. 

The idea of District 2020 aligns with Kaizen AMS’ core philosophy & values to support the future of working and living and foster connection and collaboration. District 2020 is a boon for Kaizen AMS’ agenda of promoting an inclusive and diverse community to offer a more balanced and blissful life to our residents and make our managed communities a place that prioritizes the well-being and inspires new ideas for Creating Memorable Experiences for them.