How Can Developers & Landlords Attract Tenants to Dubai South Area?

The brainchild of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai South is one of the largest urban master developments in the emirates. The Residential District of Dubai South covers an area of 6.7 million sq. km and focuses on the aviation and logistics ecosystem. Furthermore, the Dubai South area is also complemented by a multi-modal transport infrastructure connecting air, land, and sea,  Dubai Investments Park, and Expo 2020 metro stations.

The most auspicious feature of the Dubai South area is its proximity to the Expo 2020 site as well as to the major commercial areas of Dubai. The Dubai South project can sustain a population of 1 million people which is a record itself.

Dubai South – Overview

Dubai South is decorated with the presence of several stylish villas, luxury apartments, and commercial offices which are easily available for rent as well as for sale purposes. The residential properties in the Dubai South area are a true representation of contemporary living as they are designed with the idea to offer a luxurious lifestyle at affordable prices.

(Source: Dubai South Website)

Dubai South is segregated into several diverse districts with the presence of elite properties from the biggest developers in the UAE. Some of the biggest and most popular developments in Dubai South include – Emaar South(a mega-development headed by Emaar Properties in partnership with Dubai South) Mag 5 Boulevard by Mag Property Development, (residential development comprising 1,452 units in 13 seven-story buildings), and The Pulse Villas and Townhouses by Dubai South Properties.

Undoubtedly, the Dubai South area possesses everything which potential tenants look for. It truly exemplifies the elegant yet affordable lifestyle. Developers can follow some of the practices discussed below to ensure the highest occupancy rate at the properties –

Here are 6 Tips for Developers to Attract Tenants and Buyers to Dubai South Area

1. Focus on Marketing its Proximity With Major Centres 

While attracting tenants to the Dubai South community, the real estate developers must strongly emphasize the presence of 8 significant districts in the area. These are Commercial District, Golf District, Humanitarian District, Logistics District (Dubai Logistics City), Aviation District, Business Park (free-zone area), Exhibition District, and the Residential District. Furthermore, developers must also focus on marketing Dubai’s south proximity to Al Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali Port, and Dubai Internet City (DIC). Dubai South is backed by a fully integrated ecosystem with conveniences for both commercial and residential areas. Due to its strategic location, Dubai South enables the inhabitants and entrepreneurs in saving both money and time. Dubai South was also a site for Expo 2020 and also offers several free zone benefits to the corporates.

2. Promote World-class yet Affordable Villas & Apartments

Dubai South area has a strong presence of several elegant villas which are available in the affordable price range. According to the data from Bayut, a two-bed villa in the Dubai South area can be rented for AED 49,000 yearly, a three-bed villa can be rented for AED 63,000 per annum, and four-bed villas can be rented for AED 114,000. This is far cheaper than villas at locations like – Emirates HillsJumeirah Golf Estate, The Lakes, Meadows, or Arabian ranches. The magnificent villas at Dubai South offer an ideal combination of indoor and outdoor luxury living.

3. Focus on Sustainability Initiatives

With a rise in education level and awareness, several buyers have started considering the sustainability measures or initiatives taken by the community while making a decision to buy a property. This is indeed a glad tiding for the developers with properties in the Dubai South community. 

Dubai South is widely known for its eco-friendly and sustainable residences which distinguish it from several elite locations in the UAE. The region has laid special emphasis on promoting sustainable and green living and this is the aspect that developers should highlight while promoting their properties based in the Dubai South area.

Here are extra tips for the developers to attract eco-friendly tenants to Dubai South

  • Must come up with innovative sustainability programs
  • Launch a site-wide recycling service can foster high tenant engagement
  • Developers can also implement composting as an option to attract eco-friendly tenants
  • Must build LEED-certified buildings as due to rising awareness on health, safety, and environment, tenants are prioritizing LEED-certified buildings. Tenants are also thoroughly evaluating factors such as – air quality, lighting, and green area cover while making their purchase decision.

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4. Target the Millennials 

The UAE has one of the highest percentages of the young population on earth. According to Global Media Insight 2021 report, over 90% of the UAE’s over 10 million population falls under 54 years of age. Out of this, 66.35% of the population falls under the age group of 25-54 years.

Dubai South has one of the highest percentages of millennials working in hundreds of companies based in the community. To target the millennials to their properties, developers must embrace digitalization and invest significantly in equipping their properties with faster and time-saving applications such as – tenant management portals; advanced payment portals, chatbots, property management softwares, etc. Developers must also implement unconventional PropTech applications to make the property more advanced to allure the millennials. This will also curtail the operational cost of the building and will result in lower maintenance bills & service charges – making it more attractive for the millennials.

5. Organize Networking Events

Humans are social creatures and they love to meet, interact, & network. Millennials are more attracted to buying or renting homes in those properties which are welcoming and conducive for social gatherings & community functions. Organizing community events fosters a feeling of inclusion and belongingness and also boosts the tenant satisfaction rate and occupancy rate. Developers must clearly highlight the list of networking events organized by them in their advertisements to attract millennials.

As a top 5 property management firm in Dubai with 15+ years of experience managing some of the most reputed notable real-estate clients (such as – Emirates REIT, Meydan, Meraas Estates, Mazaya, and Al Futtaim, etc.), Kaizen AMS truly understands the significance of networking events in galvanizing the attractiveness of the property as well as the developer. We organize a vast range of social networking events at frequent intervals at our managed communities such as – Krafty Kids, Family Day, Movie Night, Valentine’s Day, and Gala nights to name a few. 

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6. Flexible Payment Options

Flexible payment plans & schemes work wonders in attracting the large number of buyers who never thought of owning a property in Dubai due to high property prices. Real estate developers can implement these schemes to make their properties more affordable and increase the number of buyers.


  • To ensure the occupancy rate at their properties remains at the pinnacle, the elite developers in the Dubai South area must focus on highlighting & marketing the proximity of their properties to the employment hubs, significant districts, commercial centres, The Expo 2020 site, Al Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali Port and Dubai Internet City and other major attractions of the area. 
  • The real estate developers must also highlight in their advertisement the availability of cost-friendly and affordable villas & townhouses in the Dubai South area to attract tenants from the middle-income group who generally avoid buying the property perceiving it’s very expensive. 
  • Real estate developers must also highlight the list of sustainability initiatives launched by them or are in the process to conserve energy and other natural resources in their advertisement along with their impact on curtailing the service charges & energy bills at the property. This will not only attract the cost-conscious buyers to make the purchase of the property but will also reflect positively on the brand image and corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals of the developer.
  • The real estate developers in the Dubai South area must also adopt digitalization to make the services faster, efficient, and resident-friendly to make the services faster and make their properties more attractive to millennials. They can do that by investing in the development of advanced property technology (Proptech) applications like chatbots or by joining hands with Proptech companies to build these applications for them. 
  • Furthermore, developers must frequently organize social events at their properties to foster networking among the residents and bring a feeling of belongingness & inclusion. Networking events make the property a preferred choice for the millennials and also ensure longer stays and increased resident satisfaction. This often results in more revenues for the developers.

Following these practices, developers in the Dubai South area can expect to witness a substantial increase in their property sales & occupancy rate and can leverage the benefits offered by the thriving property sector in Dubai to their advantage.

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