How Kaizen AMS Turned me into a ‘Top Performer’ with its Incredible Leadership

Story of our Excellence Officer – Mr. Faisal Shaikh

Time flies!! Today marks my first proud year at Kaizen Asset Management Services. These 365 days working as an ‘Excellence Officer’ at Kaizen have been a blend of learning, fun, persistence, and progression. In my role, I get an opportunity to serve residents from hundreds of nationalities which provides me exposure to working in a truly international environment.

Kaizen is my first employer for which I am working in the Resident Experience role. Prior to this, I was not aware of how things work in the fast-paced real estate and property management sector in the UAE. However, as once said by Rita Wilson, “Be fearless in trying new things, whether they are physical, mental, or emotional since being afraid can challenge you to go to the next level.” This quote has always been my inspiration in trying new things. This is the reason I accepted the offer of joining Kaizen AMS as I wanted to ‘test the water’ and gain valuable experience working for the top property management firm in Dubai – Kaizen Asset Management Services.

Before joining Kaizen, I always had a curiosity about how things work in a multicultural environment. Prior to moving to Dubai, I didn’t have international experience. I worked in India for almost a decade. I firmly believe that joining Kaizen AMS was the most beautiful decision of my life as this great firm introduced me to the multicultural environment and now I really enjoy working with my co-workers from various parts of the globe.

The best part about Kaizen AMS is its people who are very supportive and motivate their fellow workers to achieve the impossible. Here I would like to mention the name of my Line Manager – Mrs. Vidyashree Cawa who has always encouraged and assisted me in overcoming my anxiety and providing me with comprehensive training so that I can perform my job responsibilities with utmost professionalism and efficiency. Being an immigrant herself, Vidyashree understands that a new joiner who moves to Dubai living alone from his/her family can fall prey to anxiety, stress, confusion, and loneliness. Thus, she always makes all possible attempts to overcome these barriers by maintaining touch with all the team members. Vidyashree always maintains transparent communication through Slack and answers the team’s doubts and queries in real-time. Vidyashree hails from Mumbai, India. She is known for her unparalleled team management skills and responsiveness. Vidyashree leads the team, helps the team members grow, and takes full ownership of driving the team’s performance. She is very adaptive to new situations and encourages others to perform at their optimum level. The best part about Vidyashree is that she makes working on complex projects really fun.  I really appreciate her efforts and feel proud to work under her leadership. I am genuinely honored to be led by such a great leader. Vidyashree’s continuous support has empowered me in performing to the best of my abilities and maintaining 100% performance and client satisfaction scores since I joined.

Along with Vidya, another leader who has influenced me a lot is Kaizen AMS’ CEO – Mr. Fadi Nwilati. His incredible leadership, positive attitude, and quality of maintaining a personal touch with all the employees have always motivated me to perform to the best of my abilities. Fadi is a very responsive and kind-hearted gentleman. Leveraging his incredible leadership and people management skills, he resolves any complex issue faced by me in my job in a few minutes. Fadi firmly believes that the ‘best care of clients starts with the best care of employees’. Thus, he lays special emphasis on the well-being of every employee. 

At last, I want to say that Kaizen AMS has empowered me in growing both professionally and personally and in nurturing new and meaningful relationships. The last one year has been a great journey with Kaizen. The benefits that come from working with Kaizen AMS are above and beyond the monetary rewards. I have received more positive feedback and recognition here from my stakeholders than anywhere else in my life. I can say with utmost confidence that Kaizen AMS is among those employers who along with Creating Memorable Experiences f for the residents and clients also create memorable experiences for its employees and truly exemplifies its purpose of formation.