Kaizen AMS’ 4.4 Google Review Score: A Testament of our True Commitment to Utmost Resident Satisfaction 

In the realm of property management, resident satisfaction is paramount. Happy residents not only ensure consistent rental income for the property management companies but also have a profound impact on the occupancy rate and on the brand reputation of the organizations.
One of the key indicators that determine the triumph of a property management company in this digital age is its Google Reviews score. A high score acts as a bragging right and an indication of the quality of the services offered by the company.

What are Google Reviews?

Google Reviews is a service offered by tech giant, Google that enables businesses to gather website reviews and other useful information to stand out in the competition. To join, a Google Merchant account is necessary. Google facilitates this process by soliciting feedback from your customers via email and inquiring about their interactions with your brand. Those who are willing to participate receive a brief survey. The feedback and ratings garnered from these surveys can be showcased on the company’s website and various marketing channels.

Kaizen AMS – a Pioneer in Excellence in Google Reviews

Leveraging its technology-enabled approach, unparalleled management and sheer passion of our employees toward our purpose statement of ‘Creating Memorable Experiences & Communities’, Kaizen AMS has been maintaining a Google Review Score of 4.4 out of 5 which is almost 2,651 reviews (as of Sept. 26, 2023), making it one of the highest score among all the Propertyy Management firms in Dubai.

The Google review scores of some of the key competitors of Kaizen AMS are as follows –

Competitor 1 – 2.3 Star
Competitor 2 – 3.5 Star
Competitor 3 – 2.7 Star
Competitor 4 – 4.1 Star
Competitor 5 – 3.9 Star
Competitor 6 – 2.3 Star

Top 7 Ways Kaizen AMS Thrives in Customer Excellence

Kaizen AMS was founded with the main purpose of overcoming the shortcomings in the management of the real estate sector.

1. Faster and Professional Response

The key factor which determines the success of an organization in terms of Google reviews is its ability to swiftly respond to them. Receiving and managing customer reviews is paramount for a business’s success. The studies conducted globally reveal that replying within 48 hours is acceptable, and within 24 hours is the ideal timeframe.
At Kaizen AMS, we actively monitor and manage our online reputation by focusing on responding promptly to both positive and negative reviews. We always aim to respond to the Google reviews as quickly as possible. It takes us 40 and 60 minutes to respond to the positive reviews and between 2 and 4 hours to respond to negative reviews. This means that going by the average ideal time of 24 hours, Kaizen AMS is 36 to 72 times faster in replying to positive reviews and almost 6-12 times faster in replying to Negative reviews.

A vast amount of credit for this incredible performance goes to our ‘Customer Excellence Team’. Kaizen AMS’ Community Managers also personally look into customer grievances to ensure it is resolved far before the lead time. Our unwavering commitment towards serving our stakeholders with utmost professionalism lies in the effective handling of negative reviews with a robust commitment to finding a solution to their concerns as quickly as possible. This approach has always worked wonders in converting dissatisfied residents into delighted ones. Simultaneously, Kaizen AMS’ approach to recognising and expressing gratitude for the customers posting positive reviews has also strengthened our bond of appreciation.

2. Maintaining Transparent Communication

Kaizen AMS’ success centres around open and transparent communication, underpinned by a strong focus on technology utilization for resident engagement. To take the bar of customer excellence to the next level, Kaizen AMS introduced a revolutionary ‘WhatsApp Chat Feature’ to provide round-the-clock live support across their 130+ managed communities. The WhatsApp Chat Feature has enabled Kaizen AMS to achieve an impressive 99.4% query resolution rate and significantly reduce response times to 10-15 seconds.

The automation of our operations through ChatGPT has streamlined over 85% of routine tasks and enabled our team to provide swift responses to tenant inquiries thus facilitating faster decision-making for property managers. This automation, combined with tools like “Book a Video Call,” a toll-free number, and an intuitive dashboard, enhances the overall resident’s experience and ultimately aligns with Kaizen AMS’s commitment to creating memorable experiences for all of our stakeholders.

Emphasizing maintaining transparent and effective communication has enabled Kaizen AMS to be at the pinnacle and an industry leader in terms of tenant satisfaction, occupancy rates, cost savings, and reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

3. Effective Implementation and Benchmarking Strategy

Kaizen AMS’ implementation and Benchmarking strategy revolves around our core value of “Dive Deep to the Root Cause”. We always encourage our employees to not leave any stone unturned when it comes to serving the customers.
Kaizen AMS’ implementation strategy encompasses – monitoring and reviewing the customer reviews & feedback based on our internal benchmarking standards, digging deep into their complaints, proactively anticipating requests, staying up to date on happenings, and most importantly, getting to know them. We also schedule monthly interviews with the residents to capture their responses and feedback and to find out what they expect in the communities. Our team also evaluates the customer’s feedback by constantly requesting feedback (emails, phone calls, and face-to-face), sending quarterly surveys to our communities, and developing overall close relationships with our customers.

Kaizen AMS’ data analysis team conducts an in-depth analysis of the responses and suggests to management what new initiatives they must come up with to ensure the utmost resident delight and efforts are made to implement the resident’s feedback within a time frame of 24-72 hours.

4. Streamlined Maintenance Request System

Efficient maintenance request services greatly influence resident satisfaction. Kaizen AMS develops and deploys innovative & user-friendly portals, dashboards, and applications to enable residents to report maintenance, repair, or snagging issues and track their status anytime. This approach significantly contributes to Kaizen AMS’ high Google Review score, as residents are more likely to express contentment through 5-star reviews when their concerns are promptly resolved in line with their expectations.

5. Proactive Property Inspections

Proactive property inspections play a pivotal role in averting potential crises by detecting and resolving issues before they escalate. Kaizen AMS conducts timely & consistent inspections to prevent any unforeseen incidents and preserve a secure and pleasant living atmosphere. Kaizen AMS’ 40,000+ residents respect and value our proactive property inspection efforts as they display our true commitment towards their safety and well-being and frequently respond with positive or 5-star reviews.

6. Organizing Community Engagement Events

One of the most distinctive factors which make Kaizen AMS a top community management firm is that we place a strong emphasis on community engagement events. This aligns with their core purpose of “Creating Memorable Experiences and Communities.” Our 130+ managed communities are home to 40,000+ residents from 50+ nationalities and 100+ cultural backgrounds and Kaizen AMS is committed to celebrating every festival & event with equal enthusiasm to cherish the richness of diversity.

We organize a vast range of community engagement initiatives including –Eid, Valentine’s Day flower gifting, Yoga Day, Mother’s Day, Diwali, Christmas, Halloween, virtual quizzes, and Krafty Kids to improve the resident’s experience. To ensure the success of their community events, Kaizen AMS collaborates with top event management companies worldwide and employs skilled photographers to capture the moments, creating a thriving and engaged community environment. Residents share their memorable experiences on various internet and social media channels and also reward Kaizen AMS with 5 Star Reviews on Google which enables us to maintain a colossal Google Review Score of 4.4.

7. Employee Coaching and Development Programs

At Kaizen AMS, we firmly believe in the statement that ‘best care for the customers starts with the best care for employees. A knowledgeable staff is a foundation for creating an unforgettable living experience and ensuring utmost client delight. Thus, Kaizen AMS spends a significant amount of funds on providing world-class training and coaching sessions. Every Kaizener is mandated to complete 40 hours of training sessions every quarter which are specifically tailored to cater to the specific role’s requirement. This approach ensures that employees meet industry standards for optimal resident service. Additionally, the company uses Kahoot quizzes and games to keep employees updated on company developments and make learning enjoyable.