KAIZEN is pleased to share that we are expanding our exclusive scope of service as KAIZEN Home Services and are introducing 2 new services for Landlords and Residents – Home Care and House keeping.

Home Care

Our reliable, professional and cost-effective Home Care packages include preventive and corrective solutions designed to minimize the breakdowns and keep your home in top shape. This helps increase your property value while bringing down the overall cost spent on repairs.

Additionally, a simple, hassle-free home insurance coupled with home maintenance to provide you a one-stop solution.


  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Unlimited emergency call outs for any Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing related services.
  • 2 Preventive AC maintenance visits per year.
  • 2 Preventive plumbing maintenance visits per year.
  • 24 hours Help Desk for your assistance.
  • An emergency response time of 60 minutes.
  • A non-emergency response time of 6 hours.
  • Home Insurance to protect the contents of your home in cases of unforeseen incidents.

House Keeping

Our Housekeeping services allow you to enjoy your free time doing the things you love.Leave the stress of organizing cleaning for your home to our professional, well-trained, and reliable maids. Our professionals work with you to understand your cleaning requirement and develop a cleaning schedule that works best for you.


  • Affordable Maid Service offering unparalleled domestic cleaning.
  • Expertise and reliability.
  • Superior Customer Service.
  • All maids background-checked.
  • Customized flexible or fixed solutions based on your requirement for your cleaning needs.
  • Maids situated in the building reduce the risk of late arrivals.
  • Services included: Vacuuming & mopping, dusting & disinfecting, waste bins clearing, wiping & drying of windows, bedding change, bathroom cleaning – cleaning of sink & toilet bowl, shower screens & mirrors, and kitchen cleaning.

T&Cs: Services won’t be scheduled on the same day as the request for subscription. We require 48-72 hours subject to the availability of the maids.

Contact for Subscription or More information:

    House Keeping Services - Monthly Subscriptions


    What is COVERED

    Loss of or damage caused by or arising out of any of the following:

    • Fire, explosion, lightning or earthquake.
    • Storm or Flood
    • Riot, strikes and malicious act or vandals
    • Aircraft or other flying objects, or anything falling from them
    • Vehicles or animals
    • Water escaping suddenly and accidentally from water tanks, pipes, equipment or fixed heating or cooling systems
    • Heating fuel leaking suddenly and accidentally from a fixed heating system
    •  Theft or attempted theft
    • Falling radio or television receiving aerials (including satellite dishes), their fittings and masts.
    • Falling trees or branches, lamp posts or telegraph poles
    • Subsidence or Heave of the land on which the Buildings stand, or Landslip
    • Accidental Damage to contents including mirrors, glass tops on furniture, fixed glass in furniture

    What is NOT COVERED

    Loss or damage to or caused by:

    • Wear and tear or depreciation and anything which happens gradually
    • Depreciation, action of light, atmospheric conditions or any gradually operating cause
    • Moth, vermin, insects, fungus, infestation, damp, rust, wet or dry rot
    • Cash, jewelry, artwork and other personal belongings
    • Electrical or mechanical breakdown
    • Chewing, scratching, tearing or fouling by domestic animals
    • Faulty or unsuitable materials, design or poor workmanship
    • Games consoles, audio/visual equipment, laptops or computer equipment designed to be portable
    • Digital/video cameras and satellite navigation systems
    • Radio transmitters, mobile phones and hearing aids
    • Process of cleaning, washing, repairing or restoring any item
    • Clothing, contact lenses, stamps, food in freezers and pedal cycles
    • Failure to use in line with the manufacturer’s instructions
    • Domestic animals
    • Unoccupied homes
    • Theft by deception, unless deception is used only to get into the Home
    • Theft or attempted theft not notified to the police authorities
    • Riverbank or coastal erosion
    • Container, component or appliance from which the oil or water escapes or the cost of locating and rectifying


    Loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by or as a consequence of:

    • War, terrorism, radioactivity and nuclear perils
    • Sonic bangs
    • Pollution or contamination
    • Cyber risks
    • Deliberate or criminal acts
    • Events before the cover start date
    •  Wear and tear
    • Consequential losses of any kind or description