Tenant’s Top Picks: What They Look for in their Communities?

In a dynamic market characterized by a surge in developers and properties, the balance of power is shifting towards the tenants. Traditional drivers such as lower rents, location, and promotion are no longer the sole determinants to attract a tenant to a property. Instead, today’s discerning tenants prioritize sustainable living, safety, timely maintenance and repair, and above all, a feeling of belongingness over any other factors.

With Dubai serving as a melting pot of over 150 nationalities, landlords and management companies are faced with the imperative of creating inclusive communities that cater to the diverse needs of tenants. This blog outlines the essential elements tenants value in a residential community.

1. Safety 

Tenants prioritize safety more than anything else. It is a key factor in their decision to rent a property. Thus, it is of supreme importance for management companies and landlords to embrace technology to provide the utmost safety to the residents.

Building a safe and secure residential community is a multi-step process. This includes installing security systems, CCTVs, biometric access systems, central monitoring systems, video door phones, intruder alarm systems, fire alarms, infrared sensors, and deploying highly trained security personnel.

2. Timely Maintenance 

Property is no different from a car. If you do not invest in maintenance, you will incur hefty expenditures later on in terms of repairs. Thus, timely maintenance of the property is a prerequisite. Modern-day tenants understand this very well. For them, it is of paramount importance that the property they are staying at is well-maintained.

It is also imperative to conduct timely maintenance of electrical appliances, such as air conditioners, lighting, switches, fittings, and wiring, to prevent short circuits or any other electrical damage that can ruin the appliances. A well-maintained property with astounding visual features like interior and exterior paint, a garden, and a patio not only makes the community a top choice for tenants but is also the best bet for landlords, as it will allow them to fetch the higher rental value, achieve a better occupancy rate, and increase tenant satisfaction.

3. Landscaping and Gardens 

As they say, ‘The first impression is the last impression.’ Beautiful landscaping and gardens play a key role in creating that unforgettable first impression in the minds of tenants. It is one of the persuasive aspects that influence tenants to move to a property. Thus, it is pivotal for management companies and landlords to ensure that the landscaping, lawns, and gardens in the property are well-maintained. This will ensure that the property continues to attract affluent tenants and maintain a healthy occupancy rate.

4. Hassle-free Parking 

A personal vehicle has nowadays become a basic necessity to move within the city. Thus, tenants prioritize residential communities that are equipped with spacious, systematic, and safe parking spaces. Tenants also want residential communities to clearly outline parking rules in the lease agreement and display signs to communicate and safeguard them from unauthorized parking.

5. Recycling Facilities 

Modern-day tenants prioritize residential communities that are equipped with advanced recycling facilities. Recycling offers numerous environmental benefits. It conserves energy, reduces air and water pollution, and helps combat climate change. According to an article titled –Benefits of Recyclingby Stanford University, Stanford University recycled, composted, and otherwise sourced reduced 62% of its waste and reduce landfill by 35%. Recycling waste results in cleaner air and water, less pollution, more forested land and open space, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This means better health, lower medical expenses, and a reduction in energy bills for tenants.

6. Pet Care

It has never been easy for pet owners to plan their day with pet care in their residential community. Thus, along with their priorities, residents also prioritize the needs of their pets when deciding to rent a house/unit in a residential community.

Pets have special needs. Tenants are looking for residential communities which are equipped with pet care & pet park facilities with knowledgeable and experienced pet caretakers to take care of their pets in their absence. 

7. Community Engagement

Kaizen AMS firmly believes that community engagement is the foundation of “‘Creating Memorable Experiences and Communities’,” which is the purpose behind our inception. Thus, we organize a vast gamut of community events that are well-received by our residents.

Some of these events are as follows:

a.) Krafty Kids

The Krafty Kids event offers an exciting opportunity for kids to learn artwork, paint, enjoy an afternoon of fun and games, and make new friends.

b.) Family Day

Family Day is an event that provides a unique chance for every resident to get to know their neighbours and have a fun time with them. This event enhances the relationship and bonding among the residents, creating unforgettable memories and a sense of community.

c.) Movie Night

Kaizen AMS’ Movie Night is an outdoor event where the residents in our managed community enjoy watching movies with their neighbours and fellow residents, having a wonderful evening in their backyard.

d.) Valentine’s Day

Kaizen AMS believes in spreading love within its communities, and Valentine’s Day is indeed the best time to do that. We cherish this auspicious festival of love by sending a beautiful bouquet to our residents with a heartwarming message.

 8. Home Services 

In Dubai, tenants look for home services that offer prompt maintenance and repair solutions. Professional cleaning services are paramount to keep the living spaces pristine and convenient. Tenants also expect reliable home security systems for enhanced safety, and seamless internet and telecommunication services to stay connected. 

By providing the above, landlords and property management companies can meet the needs of tenants in Dubai and create a positive and convenient living experience.