The Role of the Owners’ Committee in the Maintenance & Repair of the Community

Owners’ Committee (OC) is one of the most crucial bodies in ensuring effective and efficient management of the community. It is also responsible for performing timely repairs to resolve any defects or structural issues in the building which can cause serious damage. Owners’ Committee (OC) acts as a representative in safeguarding the interests of owners and ensuring the proper management of jointly owned properties (JOP). 

Appointment and Membership

According to  Dubai Law 6 of 2019, the Owners’ Committee must be appointed by RERA and consist of 2 to 9 members, including a Chairman and Vice Chairman. Owners’ Committee selects a Chairman to interact with the management company and RERA, adhering to legal terms and conditions. OC powers and tasks align with Law No. 6 of 2019 and associated regulations. 

Key Responsibilities of the Owners’ Committee

The Owners’ Committee is primarily responsible for the administration, operation and management of a project with the appointed RERA-licensed and approved management company (the ‘Managing Agent’).  According to Dubai Law 6 of 2019 also known as the ‘Jointly Owned Property Law,’, the Owners’ Committee will exclusively be responsible for – 1.

1. Verification of the Management Entity

Owners’ Committee is responsible for verifying that the Management Entity undertakes the management, operations, maintenance, and repair of the common areas.

2. Reviewing Maintenance Budgets

    The Owners’ Committee is responsible for reviewing, and providing the necessary recommendations on the annual budgets for the maintenance of the Jointly Owned Real Property; and for this purpose, requests the Jointly Owned Real Property financial reports.

    3. Recommending Ways to RERA to Overcome Management Challenges

    Owners’ Committee is responsible for discussing the obstacles and difficulties related to the management, operations, maintenance, and repair of common areas; and submitting the necessary recommendations on the same to the Management Entity or RERA, as the case may be.

    4. Notification of Structural Defects

    Owners’ Committee is also accountable for notifying the Management Entity or RERA of any defects in the structural parts of the Jointly Owned Real Property; or any damage to, or defect in the common areas that require urgent repairs.

    5. Maintaining Safety and Environmental Regulations

    Owners’ Committee submits any proposals regarding the method of use of common areas; or regarding amendment of the Building Management Regulation to the Management Entity, in which case the amendment must be approved by RERA. They also coordinate with RERA, the Management Entity, or the Competent Authority with respect to any safety, environmental, security, or other matters related to the Jointly Owned Property.